Yoga for Menopause: Hot Energy – A class to release & Let Go

This class is based around working with changes that occur, often in perimenopause that can create excess heat with hormonal fluctuations and cellular changes that occur. It will be helpful to have a yoga mat, two blankets / large towels,
a bolster or two pillows, yoga blocks / something similar and yoga belt/scarf.

Journaling after the class is an excellent way of completing the session.  Recording symptoms and identifying potential triggers can help you work with changes and noting activities you do, such as exercise, may help you see a relationship with reducing symptoms.

Optional Journal Prompts:

Acknowledge one change that has / does frustrate you

One way you can work with this (for example – fatigue, perhaps take a restorative class)

One commitment you can make to keep easing it. (example, take a 10-minute relaxation pose before bed)

Equipment and Props Reccomendation

Gonex Yoga Mat TPE Exercise Mat 6mm think 182x61cm Non-Slip Eco-Friendly with Carrying Strap Workout Mat for Fitness Yoga Pilates Floor Exercise

APPLE RHINO Premium 2nr Yoga Blocks and Strap – Includes FREE e-Book; 2 pack high-density yoga block with metal D ring cotton belt; provides Stability, Balance, Strength for yoga and pilates practice


30 minutes


1 – 2








Em Heald

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