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Products to uplift and inspire your home environment, yoga practice and wellness routine.

Five beautiful scents – Meditation, Lunar, Solar, Radiance and Balance. Each candle is handmade here in East Yorkshire.
We have worked together selecting essential oils and blends to bring you candles of the highest quality to accompany
your yoga and meditation practice or simply to enjoy whilst resting at home.

With 40 hours burn time these candles will fill your home with the most incredibly beautiful scent, you won’t ever want it to run out!
To make them even more super special each one comes with a crystal chip hidden in the wax. I feel like the power of these
little chips bring extra grounding, ease of stress, reduce anxieties and give an all round presence of peace and serenity.

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Live for the Moment, not the Weekend

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Allow inspiration to inform your practice. Put on some music, read inspiring words, practice outside – get creative!

“Be teachable till the end” – Yogarupa Rod Stryker.

Allow your yoga to be you. When we take leave from the
mat that is when our yoga practice becomes alive
and fully present in our lives.

Persevere with your yoga practice, if it was easy it wouldn’t require the practice! “Warriors are strong poses, and you can’t wuss your way through them” – Ana Forrest

Allow change to happen.

Find and listen to people who move, inspire and motivate you: leaders of the world, yoga teachers, friends, children or a TED talk.

Be you. Be inspired. Be a yogi. “Be open and then the truth follow” – Gangaji.

Find a yoga that suits you. Try plenty of different styles,
studios, D.V.D’s – see what sits best with you and then
immerse yourself in it!

BREATHE! Take a huge big inhale right now and a long exhale. Feel how wonderous your life giving breath is, allow it to fill you with joy and acknowledge how amazing you are.

Be Curious and Strive…


Emma is an incredible yoga teacher, mentor and guide with a great sense of humour, love and light shining through all she does! I’m blessed to have had her by my side on retreats and teacher trainings supporting and teaching the students with great wisdom. Do take a class with her, she will surely enlighten you on this beautiful and rich path called yoga.
Katy Appleton
On completion of an RYS 200-hour Yoga teacher training course I wanted to continue learning and deepen my understanding of teaching. After reviewing different options, I undertook a 4-week mentoring programme with Emma. With Emma’s guidance I was able to reflect on what my course had prepared me to deliver and it kick started a dialogue that allowed me to explore and develop my teaching method.

Emma structured our sessions to meet my requirements and limited timeframe. Giving constructive, thoughtful advice, helping me identify areas for improvement and enabling me to develop tools to address these.
The opportunity to work with a seasoned yoga professional who understands the joys and pitfalls was immeasurably valuable. I would recommend any teacher, wherever they are on their yoga journey to take the time to check in, review, reflect and laugh with Em.
Sarah Carter