Back to school

September. The time of year where the seasons begin to change again, there is a change in the air.....mornings are cooler, evenings get darker and we cling to the last of what is to be our summer. This time of year is also when children head back to school, begin school or for many leave school and head to college. I have always loved autumn. Autumn always meant new shiny patent school shoes, stiff leather school bag and a new hair cut when I was a child plus the brand new pencil case and stationary. Somethings never change and even though school was quite some time ago I still love the newness autumn presents in its changing state. Autumn is [...]

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Who are we when we are unfiltered? Who are we when the carefully curated and crafted words of Facebook are removed or the happy expressive hashtags of Instagram are unavailable? What is our yoga practice if not something to allow us to be just as such - raw, unfiltered, unprepared and expressive purely from a place of being? These moments do exist. These are the moments when, as if by chance, the pose is prepped and held and the breath flows and for that brief moment IT is achieved and IT is unrecorded, unfiltered, unedited and all expressive because IT is you. You. Not a persona or a brand. You. Not a hashtag or a snapchat or a photo [...]

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