September. The time of year where the seasons begin to change again, there is a change in the air…..mornings are cooler, evenings get darker and we cling to the last of what is to be our summer. This time of year is also when children head back to school, begin school or for many leave school and head to college. I have always loved autumn. Autumn always meant new shiny patent school shoes, stiff leather school bag and a new hair cut when I was a child plus the brand new pencil case and stationary. Somethings never change and even though school was quite some time ago I still love the newness autumn presents in its changing state.

Autumn is the month my husband and I chose to get married six year ago. Its when I handed my notice in on my last job and made the decision to travel for a year and relocate to a different part of the country. September usually means a holiday or time at home to clean, tidy and energise the house and always, always, always when I plan, research and order my new diary. This month is a great time, no matter what age, to create new goals, follow dreams and be creative. Many people consider January to be this time due to our creation of the ‘new year, new you’ concept however I find in January that all I wish to do is hibernate and occasionally take a good walk or run to blow away the cobwebs. September still has energy and drive and a busy, bustling nature to it!

During August I create ideas on pieces of paper, notes around the house, discussions with friends and September is when I put them into place. My diet changes to include earthy vegetables, protein rich meat alternatives, warming teas and green juice (sweetened with banana and dates!). I rediscover lightweight knits and cosy cottons, invest in new boots and find the best style ideas to take me to autumn and winter. My yoga practice changes too and includes more heated movements, cosy restorative practices and mindful meditation to keep me grounded as we approach the festive season. I love to sit in the warm afternoon sun until it cools and evening approaches, find a good book and invest time in rest, ideas and nourishing food.

So I invite you during September and the forthcoming autumnal months to get curious – is there a new hobby you wish to pursue, a new way of eating/diet plan you wish to take up, perhaps an inspiring book you have always wished to read? Dive into what inspires you and this will allow you then to move towards the darker months of January and February with lightness and ease already set on a path of health, lightness and well being!

Have a wonderful autumn and if you decided to set your new goals, intentions, hobbies or interests now then I wish you love and luck and have fun!

If yoga is on your list of ‘back to school’ possibilities then please come and join us at Thorngumbald Village Hall on Saturdays 9 am – 10:15 am and the monthly extended class held on one Sunday a month! For more info please call em on 07834 161350 or e-mail